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     Why am I creating this editorial page on ? Why am I stating my opinions on a variety of subjects pertaining to reptiles and amphibians while before I did not even use my name on ? I can no longer keep silent! I have a different point of view than the prevailing wisdom you hear blindly repeated over and over. I owe it to my turtles and I owe it to you to speak out.

     If you are not interested in what I have to say, you may still enjoy as you have for a long time. I will continue to add pictures and tours and to answer email. is a different kind of web site for turtle lovers and the opinions I will present will probably be different from what you have read before. I think my opinions will not be so different from the opinions of many of you who enjoy keeping turtles and find  useful and enjoyable.

     In these editorial pages you will know that I am expressing my opinions. I will not tell you the way it is; I will tell you the way I think it is. I will not tell you what to think: I will tell you what I think. Just like I do not tell you how to keep your turtles; I tell you how I keep my turtles. I think this is a huge difference.

     Since this is my opinion page, I feel I must tell you who I am. If you have read many of the tours and pages on , you already know me pretty well. Many of you have exchanged email with me and I am pleased to have met a few of you.

     I will state some broad opinions and discuss some general subjects rebutting some prevailing wisdom. This will lead into reviewing some state regulations beginning with my home state of Pennsylvania. New rules have been enacted that I strongly disagree with. I feel that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has taken dead aim at native species reptile and amphibian pet owners. I would dearly love to shake things up a little.

     Later I may review regulations in other states. Maybe together we can work for some needed changes. We can make a difference.

Thomas R. Schucker